Sustainable Products

Thinking and manufacturing sustainably – we take a holistic view of our products. We are constantly looking to protect the environment and human health. We have a responsibility for the environment, our products, our customers and users. That is why we do not develop our products based on what is accepted, instead we always use the best possible, sustainable materials.

Product Performance

During the production of every product, resources are used, leaving a “negative” footprint. In order to keep this footprint as low as possible, it is important to achieve the greatest, most sustainable benefit from these resources. Long-lasting products are always more sustainable than those that are only in use for a short time period. This is attributed to the durability, the different product characteristics as well as the timeless design.

Easy to Clean

Windmoeller Inc. products help protect the environment throughout their lifetime. Thanks to their specific qualities and composition, they can be easily cleaned with just a little water, without the use of aggressive chemicals.


An important factor in saving resources sustainably is the useful life of a product. Windmoeller products are therefore designed to last. Depending on the product, we guarantee up to 25 years in residential areas.


Appropriate solutions – there is a product for every application. Whether in education, hospitals or commercial environments, our products can withstand the most demanding situations.


Windmoeller Inc. manufactures flooring solutions in a range of utilization classes. This ensures their longevity and protects the environment in a sustainable way. For even greater safety, Windmoeller flooring is anti-slip, easy to disinfect, and extremely durable.


With or without insulation mats, flooring should be as unobtrusive as possible. Windmoeller Inc. products are low-noise and sound-absorbing. This is not just for practical purposes; it also calms the nerves.


Whether monochrome, natural or industrial, we carefully select flooring decors to offer timeless designs. They will always look good and will not have to be replaced simply because trends have changed.

Product Certifications

The following certificates have been awarded for Windmoeller bio-based polyurethane flooring.

Windmoeller Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver
living product challenge
hpd health product declaration
Greenguard gold 2.1
EPD certification
floorscore certified
sustainability product certifications
blue angle
indoor climate label
m1 emission label
product certificate

The following certificates have been awarded for Windmoeller acoustic systems.

sustainability product certifications
blue angle
Windmoeller Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver