Sustainable energy Sources

As a manufacturer, we have a particular responsibility to protect the environment and our climate. We take our environmental responsibility seriously and strive every day to do our part. Making a conscious effort to use valuable energy sources carefully is as fundamental to us as covering our energy requirements with renewable energy sources. During product development, procuring raw materials, and in manufacturing, we always look for the best ecological solution.

Wood Waste as Fuel

The wood pellets and wood chips waste from our manufacturing process are used as fuel in our biomass cogeneration plants. The energy created is fed back into the production cycle. At our bio-polyurethane manufacturing facility in Detmold, all the heating and process energy is produced in a process that is 100% CO2 neutral.

Solar Farm

We have installed state-of-the-art photovoltaic units at our Augustdorf and Detmold sites which supply electricity to our facilities and feed unused energy to the public network. We produce approximately 950,000 kWh every year. This amount of energy would power more than 200 electric cars for an entire year.

5,000 tons of CO₂ Saved Yearly

With our power plant at Augustdorf and the energy produced from our solar energy plants at Augustdorf and Detmold, we save a total of 5,000 tons of CO2 every year.


Manufacturing industrial products is just not possible without energy.  Energy is a finite resource and therefore it is particularly important to us that we use it responsibly. This includes constantly looking for opportunities to save energy as well as examining the source of our energy in terms of where it comes from. We are constantly working to improve in this area. Amongst other things, we have worked for many years on the DIN EN ISO 50001, improving our energy efficiency and have since been able to implement a systematic energy management system.

Using Energy Responsibly

We have reduced our electricity consumption considerably by converting the lighting in our production facilities at Augustdorf to LED and by fitting energy-saving motors in all our machines. We have also been able to reduce the volume of forklift traffic at all our sites through our electromobility concept and by automating transport routes. Since 2017, we have also been using climate-neutral electricity (100% CO2 neutral) from the Detmold municipal facilities for the manufacture of our bio-based polyurethane flooring.

Producing Our Own Energy

We are now able to work more sustainably than ever before not just because we have reduced our energy use but also because we produce our own energy. Our cogeneration plant in Augustdorf has been using production residues since 2018 to produce process and heating energy.