Customized flooring development

Each market segment has specific requirements and customers can request customized solutions to meet their unique needs.

Polyurethane Flooring

Our bio-based polyurethane flooring solutions can be produced in almost any form and design using digital printing. The perfect decision for the ultimate flooring performance and as sustainable as technically possible.

Acoustic Systems

Matched to the requirements of your flooring product, we will develop a unique and individual bio-based polyurethane underlayment for the footfall and impact sounds in your environment.


From designs and formats, to installation options and appropriate accessories, we will work with you to develop the floor covering to best suit your clients’ needs.

Certification Management

Make the most of your offering with certifications that build customer confidence and loyalty. We will support you in certifying your products to meet all of the relevant environmental and health requirements.


We work with you to design attractive packaging for prominent positioning and favorable impressions. We can help with the planning and designing of your packaging specifically for your warehouse and systems.

Contract Manufacturing

Together, we will create your solution.

The world is constantly on the move. We will work closely with you to help you respond to changes, customer requirements and
developments in the market. Together we will make your project happen by producing the material and delivering it directly to your customer’s location.

We can help you through potential bottlenecks, allowing you to remain flexible and concentrated on your business. With our versatile manufacturing facilities, we are able to be responsive to any requirement and to produce and store large volumes of inventory.