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Achieving the world’s most ambitious certifications including Cradle to Cradle Certified® silver, bio-based polyurethane floor coverings provide the winning combination of unbeatable performance, limitless design, and incomparable sustainability.

Our award-winning and highly certified flooring solutions are produced with the highest quality natural raw materials in facilities with climate-neutral green electricity and process heat.

With millions of square feet installed in healthcare, education, retail and other commercial interiors, our flooring offers proven durability and performance in the most demanding environments.

Bio-based Polyurethane Flooring



Design Diversity

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Sustainable and Safe

bio-polyurethane flooring planks

Resilient floor coverings are manufactured using sustainable raw materials and natural fillers with no chlorine, plasticizers, or solvents to take sustainability one step further.  Produced with ecuran, a bio-based polyurethane composite material, this high-performance flooring is long-lasting, extremely resilient, easily maintained, and ideal for high traffic environments.  

The Secret is 


This unique, high-performance composite material is manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola oil or castor oil and naturally occurring mineral components such as chalk. It combines sustainability with extremely high levels of resilience for optimum results – anywhere.

Rolled Goods

For large rooms and large surface areas – bio-based polyurethane flooring is available as rolled goods for gluing in a standard format of 6’7″ x 65′ 7″ and has a low installation height of up to 2.5 mm (3/32″).  It is the perfect partner for new construction and renovations in the most demanding spaces, including areas of heavy traffic.

bio-polyurethane flooring planks


Functional and hard-wearing – bio-based polyurethane flooring in plank format for glue-down installations forms an extremely strong bond with the substrate and therefore does not move. For the best results in demanding areas.

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Classic marble, modern copper and a variety of industrial designs bio-based polyurethane flooring in tile format for glue-down installation firmly attaches to substrates to securely stay in place. 

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