Pioneering Technologies

We are always moving forward.

Therefore, we work every day on new innovations and products that have the potential to do more. This has allowed us to bring a range of new products and ideas to the market in recent years which can now be found throughout the world.

A Wealth of ideas

Inventor and decisive driver Ulrich Windmöller is a creative force. He has been driving the development of new technologies for years, either in person or as a role model and source of ideas for his employees. Our innovation management system is an important building block. It encourages, drives and rewards the creativity of every employee.

The result is free thinking employees who want to get involved in the design, the future of the business and innovation. This has facilitated the development of products such as the easy to install, click laminate, click design flooring, and our revolutionary ecuran material.

Bio-Based Polyurethane Technology

As a responsible company, the aim of Windmöller GmbH is to design manufacturing methods and products to be as environmentally friendly as possible for the world’s population and its environment.

With the many years of work that went into the ecuran research, the Windmöller development department was able to replace petrochemical polyols with castor oil to develop the high performance composite material. Equally important, plasticizers and solvents are no longer required to produce this material. All of this was accomplished without diminishing product performance.

From medical technology, the food and drink, and automotive industries, polyurethane has been a widely used material for many years. Windmöller has found a way of formulating this special material even further for use in the manufacture of flooring.

“Some of the key considerations at our developmental phase are questions of resource management and the removal of pollutants.

We have always striven to replace expensive petrochemical raw materials, which have a high extraction cost, with natural, renewable resources and thus to remove any dependency on the price of crude oil. We also wanted a product that was free of chlorine compounds, plasticiser additives and flame retardants.”

-Ulrich Windmöller

Click-In Vinyl System

In 2009, Windmöller launched the Windmöller CONNECT technology for design flooring into the market. This has proven to be a very successful installation technology for elastic flooring that does not require glue. The main benefit of the installation method for design floorings is that it is very easy for experienced end users to install.

When the subject of plasticizers in PVC floorings became a discussion within the industry in 2013, it was Windmöller who produced an innovation in design flooring. Windmöller removed phthalate based plasticizers from its complete range of design flooring by 1 July 2013. This included the adhesives and design flooring with a click in connection.

This new design flooring is based on a new recipe which uses phthalate free ingredients that still meet the same requirements for pliability, elasticity and ductility.

Click laminate had been the best selling flooring for more than a decade. One of the main benefits of this flooring is that it is very easy to install, primarily thanks to its click connection.

However, in recent years, laminate flooring had been facing serious competition in the market

Our R&D department successfully developed a click connection for design flooring. The click vinyl or click design flooring was born. This flooring combines the benefits of an elastic synthetic material flooring with the ease of installation associated with a click connection.

Windmöller removed phthalate based plasticizers from its complete range of design flooring by July 1, 2013.

This included the adhesives and design flooring with a click in connection.

Click-In System for Laminate

As a pioneer in the field of laminate flooring, this floor covering remains an important part of the Windmöller product portfolio today. After Windmöller set up the first laminate flooring production facility in Germany in 1990, the company launched laminate flooring with an innovative click connection in 1991.

This product caused a revolution in the flooring market in the 90s. Laminate flooring’s positive attributes persuaded many homeowners to install it in their homes. Durability, stain and UV resistance and the click installation made laminate flooring very successful in the 90s.

Many end users installed the  click fit laminate in their homes, replacing carpets or aging wooden flooring. Quick and easy installation proved to be an important element for the popularity of click fit laminate flooring.